Whiskers, Feathers and Fur

by Austin Donnelly


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Genre:Irish Biography / Irish Interest



Compelling and wonderfully descriptive, Austin recalls his life experiences as a veterinarian travelling the globe, from his native Ireland to the far reaches of Australia and New Zealand. While not always glamorous, this collection of stories is achingly honest and utterly captivating. With many laughs along the way, readers delight in accompanying him on his amazing journey. Austin describes situations animals get themselves into, procedures that need to be done, and so much more. There is seldom a typical day in his life. From farm animals to domestic and everything in between, Austin encounters some pretty interesting creatures around the world. The animals rightly take centre stage and their unique personalities shine through in this beautifully written memoir. Many of the animals he encounters leave the reader with a sense of familiarity. This book captures the real sense of connection between vet and those who rely on his services, all while being acutely aware of the very special bond between animal and owner. The real love, compassion and awareness shown towards all his charges is evident, making this a very touching read. With dashes of nostalgia, a deep appreciation of nature and the great outdoors this collection of poignant, quirky and unpredictable short animal stories will not disappoint. Whiskers, Feathers and Fur is a must-read for lovers of the James Herriot series, whilst also offering some fresh 21st century perspectives.

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