What If Solving The Climate Crisis Is Simple?

by Tom Bowman


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Genre:Natural History & Environment / Non Fiction



‘Too often we encounter efforts to dismiss climate change as a “wicked” (that is, unsolvable) problem. But nothing could be more wicked than such unhelpful framing. As Tom Bowman explains in this inspiring, concise primer on climate action, we have the ability to surmount this mentality, if we simply make the commitment to not just try, but do.’ Michael Mann, Distinguished Professor, Penn State University and author of The New Climate War: The Fight to Take Back Our PlanetTom Bowman has never bought the idea that some problems are too complex to solve. With razor-like precision, he slices through the Gordian Knot of dispiriting misperceptions that lead to a sense of defeat. The result is an inspiring and practical narrative that will leave readers feeling uplifted and empowered to create a future they are eager to embrace.

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