War and Revolution in the West of Ireland – Galway 1913 – 1922

by Conor MacNamara


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Genre:Galway and the West of Ireland / Irish Interest



The period 1913 to 1922 saw unprecedented upheaval in Irish society: a violent military uprising in 1916 followed by a savage war for independence, the formation of a revolutionary state, and a civil war that tore the country apart. ‘War and Revolution in the West of Ireland’ explores the history of the entire revolutionary period in Connaught, with particular focus on the ferment and violence in County Galway. Galway was the scene of the most concerted armed struggles outside of Dublin. Liam Mellows led the Irish Volunteers in a Rising in east Galway and up to 700 rebels took up defensive positions at Moyode Castle; in the terror that followed during the War of Independence, clashes between the IRA and British forces left casualties on both sides, including civilians caught in the crossfire. ‘War and Revolution in the West of Ireland’ captures the bewildering strain of these years, the outbreaks of open violence, and their enduring legacies that are felt in the region today.

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