Turas Niamh Go Dtí Baba Yaga

by Dolores Nic Aindriú-Gabháin


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Genre:Children's Books / Irish Language Children's Books



A wonderful tale of courage and friendship and learning to follow our intuition and seek help with our fears.

Niamh is a beautiful talented fairy who gets the lead part in the school play year after year. However no one knows that she struggles with reading as usually she can get her Mother to buy the book for her that the play is from and she learns it off by heart. However this year she is asked to take the lead part in a play that is from a book that is not yet in print. She has two choices, she can either give up and continue struggling on her own or face her demons and get help with her reading.

With the help of her friend Lorcan she heads off to the house of Baba Yaga who is an old lady who lives high up in the hills. Niamh has had a recurring dream about Baba Yaga for as long as she can remember and suddenly realises her dream is guiding her. She heads off with Lorcan and together they go to visit the strange lady who lives in a house which stands on chicken legs. With the help of Baba Yaga Niamh faces her fears and realises that we always have choices in life.

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