The Sunken Road

by Ciarán McMenamin


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Genre:Fiction / Irish Fiction



Most men came back from the Great War expecting to find a land fit for heroes. Francie Leonard came back to a land fit for another war. Francie, Archie and Annie grow up together in the beautiful countryside of Fermanagh. But in 1914, the boys are seduced by the drama of the war in Europe and leave the village to join up, despite Francie ending up as the only Catholic in an entirely Protestant regiment. Before they leave, Francie swears to Annie that he won’t come home without Archie.Six years later Francie is hiding out in the barn of Annie’s house. He hasn’t seen her since that day. He’s on the run, a wanted man in the war for independence that is still igniting along the border. And the British officer who is obsessively pursuing him is his old commander from the Western Front. To reach safety Francie will need Annie’s help getting over the border, and that means he’ll have to confront the reason why Archie never came back.Powerfully gripping, Ciaran McMenamin’s accomplished novel explores themes of loyalty, heroism and the heartbreaking cost of violence.

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