The Essential Companion To Talking Therapy

by Karin Blak


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Genre:Mind, Body, Spirit / Non Fiction / Popular Psychology



For those currently in therapy, seeking therapy, considering returning to therapy, or supporting a loved one through it, this is the definitive companion to the therapeutic experience. During her 15 years as a therapist, Karin Blak has found that people often seek help only moments from breaking point. This damaging behaviour can come from a lack of understanding as to what therapy is, or how it works. Even when motivated to seek help, there are psychiatrists, psychologists, counsellors and psychotherapists… We have so many different talking therapists that confusion is understandable. This book is a definitive guide to understanding talking therapies. It will clarify every question, misnomer, myth or grey area in therapy. Compassionately guiding the reader through their journey from starting to consider therapy, to finding the right therapist, preparing for the first session, surviving through common challenges, knowing when to end therapy, and when to return, Karin Blak reveals previously untold intricacies of how therapists work, how therapists themselves are supervised, how to know if your therapist is overstepping boundaries, what the lingo really means, how to manage your own expectations, and when to move on from therapy. Each section contains honest commentary about the process of therapy, case studies showing examples applicable to real life, encouragements to act, practical suggestions and actions to apply if needed.

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