The Black Horse Is Dying

by William Jones


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Genre:Irish History / Irish Interest



The principal theme of this sequel to The Black Horse Inside Coolmore is the level of exploitation of racehorses across the globe through the illegal use of drugs. Alongside runs the equally sickening abuse of the people who work day in and day out with the horses to make the show what it is on a good day – mesmerising, breathtaking, unique. US racing is on its knees after 37 horses died at Santa Anita, California, with decades of a recklessly permissive attitude towards medication playing a major role in this welfare disaster. There is an old saying – when America sneezes the world catches a cold. It’s happening in Irish gvv v v v racing, which is awash with illegal drugs. Instead of dealing strongly with the cheats, the Irish authorities have covered up major incidences of doping and downplayed the seriousness of a situation which is out of control and threatens the future of a once dominant sport. The author reveals the depths to which racing worldwide has fallen, ruined by greed and corruption, exploitation and injustice.

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