That Place We Call Home

by John Creedon


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Genre:Irish Culture / Irish Interest



John Creedon has always been fascinated by place names, from when he was a young boy growing up in Cork City to travelling around Ireland making his popular television show. In this brilliant new book, he digs beneath the surface of familiar place names, peeling back the layers of meaning behind them to reveal stories about the nature of the land of Erin and the people who walked it before us.Travel the highways, byways and boreens of Ireland with John and become absorbed in the place names such as ‘The Land of Robins’, ‘Patrick’s Bed’, ‘The Eagles Nest’, ‘Hidden Treasure’ and ‘The Valley of the Crazy’. All hold clues to help uncover our past and make sense of that place we call home, feeding both mind and soul along the way.That Place We Call Home is an absorbing non-fiction debut from one of Ireland’s broadcasting national treasures. ‘Reading That Place We Call Home will foster or feed a love of local lore – known as dindsenchas – and cultivate an appreciation for the historical remnants scattered in plain sight all over Ireland’s 63,000 townlands. Upon finishing it’s difficult to think of any place name without mentally sounding it out and attempting to locate its roots in history, folklore or the Irish language.’ Mia Colleran, Irish Independent’John Creedon writes on the rich Irish tapestry showing through the Hiberno-English overlay, a feature which intrigues the ebullient Corkonian, a keen interest which is infectious’ Paddy Kehoe, RTE

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