Survivor – My Story

by Shirley McEntee


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Genre:Irish Biography / Irish Interest



There are many books about cancer – but Survivor is a unique reflection of the life of a young woman and her multiple ‘fights’ against the disease, involving numerous operations on her brain, chest, abdomen and pelvis, radiation therapy as well as systemic treatments. She was one of the first patients in the world to receive, at that time, an unlicensed immunotherapy treatment, which despite the side-effects she suffered, has kept her cancer-free for nearly a decade. Shirley McEntee describes her life’s journey from birth and the effects the metastatic malignant melanoma has had not only on her but on her family and friends. This book gives an honest and open insight into her life, her suffering, the effects of treatment, but most of all, her will to live. It was and continues to be a privilege to have been involved, along with all my colleagues, in helping Shirley become a ‘Survivor’.Professor Rajnish Gupta, Professor in Medical Oncology

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