Skunk and Badger

by Amy Timberlake


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Genre:Children's Books / Developing Readers



Meet Skunk and Badger.

The first time Badger saw Skunk, he thought, ‘puny‘ and shut the front door.

There was simply too much slick in this Skunk’s stripe. Too much puff in his tail.

Also, there’d been that grin, and the way he’d stuck out his paw as if he had been looking forward to meeting Badger.

Badger knew what to make of that.

He shut the door before the fellow got any ideas . . .

But Skunk is Badger’s new roommate, and there is nothing Badger can do about it.

When Skunk bursts into Badger’s life, everything Badger knows is upended. Tails are flipped. The wrong animal is sprayed.

And why-oh-why are there so many chickens?

  • Skunk and Badger is a beautiful reminder that sometimes opposites are destined to be the best of friends.
  • A book you’ll want to read again and again, beautifully illustrated throughout by Jon Klassen.

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