Robots, Ethics and The Future of Jobs

by Seán McDonagh


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Genre:Business & Economics / Non Fiction



With a Foreword by Karlin Lillington

Well-known author and environmentalist Séan McDonagh demonstrates that the same tools that we use to connect, protect and support us can also be put to use in ways that have a huge negative impact on our privacy, our freedom and our life choices.  McDonagh argues that we need to understand and address the potential repercussions of developing technology in an ethical vacuum. Our digital future is fast approaching with little regulation and few institutional policies and protections. Respect for human rights must be at the heart of these new technologies.

“a wakeup call for political, civic, media and church leaders, urging a response to the deepening and accelerating pace of technological change and its potential consequences.”
Pat Cox, President European Parliament, 2004-2007

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