Power Plant

by Britta Sandqvist


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Genre:Fiction / Irish Fiction



What if this plant is a super vegetable that can grow everywhere and feed a starving world for free?

A group of scientists, with a base in New Orleans, plan to create a new root vegetable. They work for several years in laboratories and closed green houses, but when they test the plant in true nature it develops into an incredibly fast growing organism with monstrous roots within a few weeks.

Something has gone wrong; the plant seems to have the capacity to undermine and destroy buildings, roads and totally turn society upside down. Seven amateur gardeners in Galway City, Ireland, accidently get a bag of seeds that have been lost by one of the scientists.

They plant the seeds with devastating consequences as the authorities believe that this is the work of a new breed of terrorists. Power Plant is a story about lies, fear of terrorism and innocent people paying for crimes committed by those in power.

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