Pathway to Rebellion: Galway 1916

by William Henry


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Genre:Galway and the West of Ireland



The only in-depth account of the build-up to and the events and aftermath of the 1916 Easter Rising in Co. Galway. In ‘Pathway to Rebellion’ Willie Henry traces the origins of the rebellion of 1916 in Co. Galway back over a century. He argues that the country’s rebellious past encouraged the Galway Volunteers to take a stand during the Rising, when many other parts of the country failed to do so. While Galway’s people did not make the same blood sacrifice as Dublin, they were not lacking in courage. Many of the men were without arms, while others only had pikes. Nevertheless, they were prepared to fight, although aware that their rebellious actions could mean death in battle or before a firing squad. Despite this they stood by their convictions and showed unquestionable commitment to the idea of a free Ireland. Following the Rising those who were captured were assaulted, subjected to verbal abuse by the public and their captors, and condemned to imprisonment. Some managed to evade capture, but were forced to go on the run. However, in the aftermath of the leaders’ executions, public opinion changed dramatically and the traitors of yesterday were suddenly the heroes of today. The homecoming of those who were imprisoned was in total contrast to their departure. The entire story of Galway in 1916 is in this book, making it the definitive story of the rebellion in the west.