North About : Sailing the North West and North East Passage

by Jarlath Cunnane


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Genre:Irish Interest / IRISH INTEREST



An excellent book for anyone with an interest in exploration, this is the true story of eight Irishmen and their fifteen metre aluminium boat, Northabout. The crew would use this boat to sail the ice-choked channels of the Northwest passage, the Russian North East Passage, and complete a successful polar circumnavigation, becoming the first yacht to do so sailing in a westerly direction.  This new edition describes another challenge: the transit of Stalin’s infamous White Sea Canal.

The author revisits Shackelton’s escape from Elephant Island in a small open boat named the James Caird. To honour the Endurance’s carpenter, Henry McNish, Jarleth built a replica of the James Caird during the COVID-19 pandemic, to better understand the role played by McNish in saving the entire crew.

This is a well put together book, with vivid images of the expeditions, and is an excellent gift for anyone.