Kevin’s In A Mood

by Sarah Bowie



Genre:CHILDREN'S BOOKS / Picture Books



Suzy and Kevin are best friends. They do everything together! Until one day, Kevin’s in a Mood. Suzy tries everything to cheer him up – she tells him jokes and even plays his favourite song. But Kevin’s STILL in a Mood. All their friends try to help, by offering things Kevin likes, but he just turns his back, washes himself or puts his nose in the air! Nothing seems to make Kevin feel better … what could be wrong?

But then their friend Stevie arrives with a special delivery! The mood instantly vanishes when Kevin receives an invitation to Stevie’s party! Suzy had got hers the day before and Kevin thought he wasn’t invited. Suzy is astonished – she was always going to bring Kevin with her to the party! Because they’re BFFs!

A lovely story from an acclaimed cartoonist that will encourage the youngest readers to explore the interplay between text and artwork, with fun-filled antics and diverse representation throughout.

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