Jews Don’t Count

by David Baddiel


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Genre:Non Fiction / Philosophy & Politics



David Baddiel examines the -ism that woke culture and identity politics leave behind: antisemitism. Jews don’t count. Even among those on ‘the right side of history’, those who take a stand against all -isms – racism, sexism, ableism, Islamophobia, transphobia, etc., it is still somehow acceptable to make jokes about Jews, blame them, appropriate their culture and call them Yids in the football stadium. Throughout history Jews have been seen as rich oppressors, as well as ‘vermin’. Today they are the subjects of considerable racially motivated hate-crime, and yet antisemetism is not decried by progressives. David Baddiel follows the antisemetism he finds in his Twitter feed to the stage, through the media and into politics, with rigour and humour. And as he does so, he challenges us to examine our complex and unconscious racism.

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