Iron Annie

by Luke Cassidy



Genre:Irish Fiction



Set primarily in the Irish border town of Dundalk, Iron Annie is the story of Aoife, a bisexual woman whose obsession with Annie, a strong, magnetic and somewhat capricious character, threatens to undermine what stability she has. A central figure in a small-town underworld, Aoife’s strength lies in her instinct, intelligence, and the people she keeps around her. When Aoife’s friend and collaborator the Rat King asks her to help him dispose of ten kilos of cocaine, swiped from a rival, she decides to bring Annie on board for a road trip through Brexit Britain. But when Annie decides she doesn’t want to return to Ireland, Aoife makes a decision that changes everything.

Iron Annie introduces the reader to an imaginative world of the magical comic book alongside a gritty, uncompromising description of a criminal underworld. Despite the extreme violence, sexual experimentation and the constant fear of betrayal, this is a novel filled with tenderness, hope, love and desire, with a narrator who we root for at every turn.