Into the Witchwood

by Méabh McDonnell



Genre:CHILDREN'S BOOKS / Confident Readers / Cúirt 2024



‘Spooky, thrilling, and enthrallingly clever’ – Sinéad O’Hart

Never, ever, set foot inside the Witchwood…

In the heart of the Witchwood, at the bottom of an ancient well, sits the Witch, controlling all the dark magic of the wood. Rowan’s mum vanished there six months ago, and hasn’t been seen since. Rowan’s family hasn’t been the same since Mum disappeared. She fights with her dad and her little sister Lila all the time, and Nana won’t even talk to her any more. But Rowan believes she can rescue her mum. After all, she’s a witch too …

From Charlie Byrne’s Bookshop’s children’s bookseller, Méabh McDonnell, comes a story that weaves together the myth of Irish folklore with an unforgettable adventure.

‘A cracking story – thrilling and fast-paced, with an enchanting kind of witchcraft’

— Erika McGann

‘stirring debut … action-packed … McDonnell grounds this tense, dramatic novel in her study of her characters and the ways in which they grow. This is a satisfying story that leaves the reader wanting more’

— Milena Taylor, Inis Magazine