Last Voices of the Irish Revolution

by Tom Hurley


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Genre:History / Irish History and Culture / NON FICTION



The Irish Civil War ended in 1923. Eighty years on, documentary-maker Tom Hurley wondered if there were many people left from across Ireland who experienced the years 1919 to 1923, their prelude and aftermath. In early 2003, he recorded the experiences of 18 people, conducting two further interviews abroad in 2004.

Tom spoke to a cross-section (Catholic, Protestant, Unionist and Nationalist) who were in their teens or early twenties during the civil war. The chronological approach he has taken spans fifty years, beginning with the oldest interviewee’s birth in 1899 and ending when the Free State became a republic in 1949. 100 years after the Civil War ended, this book weaves a unique chronology of the revolutionary years through the experiences of 20 people. Together, theirs are the last voices of the Irish Revolution.