How To Save The Planet One Object At A Time

by Dr Tara Shine


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Genre:Natural History & Environment / Non Fiction



At a time when many of us are becomingly increasingly aware of the impact that our lives have on the environment, we can still find the alternative consumer choices overwhelming or confusing, thanks to mixed messages, information overload, or a misplaced perception that ‘greener’ choices are more expensive, time-consuming or are somehow inferior.In this stylish guide, environmental scientist Dr. Tara Shine has come up with almost 100 everyday objects which you can easily change and which will genuinely have a positive impact.  From swapping bottled soap to bars, replacing cling film with a simple plate thereby eradicating waste in an instant, this is an inspiring read and will provide all the information you need to make informed choices. The changes Dr. Shines suggests share one thing in common: they are all achievable, sustainable, have a genuinely positive impact on the environment, and many will even save you money!

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