How To Attract Birds To Your Garden

by Dan Rouse


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A practical guide to attracting a range of birds to your outdoor space, with advice, inspiration, and step-by-step projects.Help your local wild birds by providing them with a safe garden environmentMake a difference for your local bird life.Help reverse declining numbers by creating an environment in which they will thrive. It’s a win-win. You can provide the best shelter, feeding and nesting opportunities for them and they can entertain and soothe you, as recent research proves that bird song is good for us. How to Attract Birds to Your Garden shows you how to optimize your outdoor space for birds.Discover the best plants to grow for food and shelter, which birdfeeders, feed, and nest boxes to buy and how to make them predator-proof, as well as how to encourage diversity and a broad range of bird species. No need to be an expert gardener already, or to break the bank – many of the most beneficial features can be installed easily and cheaply, and many you can build yourself or upcycle to be eco-friendly.

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