Happy Birthday, Mr. Bob.

by Lmy McNally (Editor)


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This is a celebration of Bob Dylan’s 80th Birthday with submissions from almost 100 people- Irish poets, writers, singers, songwriters, artists, photographers and an eclectic mix of admirers, some well-known, others lesser-known but all contributors in equal measure. They are a cross-section of a Bob Dylan audience ranging from a 15-year-old to those who are so much younger than that now!

Pictures include drawings of Bob Dylan by the rock legend, the late Rory Gallagher (1948-1995), Mairéad Irwin and Claire Stewart, with photographs from Antonio Parrinello, Nutan and Colm Henry.

This is a “project of the heart done with goodwill” to celebrate Bob Dylan, Nobel Laureate for Literature and one of the world’s greatest and respected songwriters.

Bail ó Dhia air!

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