Granuaile : The Pirate Queen

by John and Fatti Burke


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Genre:CHILDREN'S BOOKS / Children's Non Fiction



Learn about Ireland’s original rebel girl in this exciting new series of inspirational Irish lives. This first book focuses on Granuaile, the daughter of a great trader and sea captain, Eoghan O’Malley of Mayo. Living in a castle on Clare Island 500 years ago, Granuaile spent her childhood on the sea in boats of all shapes and sizes. Granuaile’s parents wanted her to do what other girls did, to be a good girl and get married and settle down. But Granuaile had other ideas.This superb illustrated book about this historic icon and fearless leader is a must to begin every child’s collection of inspiring Irish lives. Ages 7+ “A rousing tribute to Granuaile O’Malley, 16th-century freebooter from County Mayo…a grand and stirring tale.”–Kirkus Reviews “Appealing cartoon illustrations center on a fiery-haired, often-mischievous Grainne, who rescued drowning men and fought off pirates with a baby in hand. A two-page time line retreads her long and storied life, and an ending page of factoids provides then-and-now insight into her history. A playful examination of a powerful woman.”–Booklist

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