Faith or Fatherhood? Bishop Dunboyne’s Dilemma : The Story of John Butler, Catholic Bishop of Cork, 1763-1787

by Costello, Con


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John Butler was Roman Catholic bishop of Cork in 1786 when, due to a succession of deaths in the family, he inherited the title of Lord Dunboyne. There had been successive Lords of Dunboyne ever since the twelfth century. Determined that the title should not be lost, he resigned his bishopric, married and conformed to the Established Church. In so doing, he broke his vows and professed his unbelief in, among other things, the Real Presence. Trusting to his famous name and lineage, he expected the Pope of the day, Pius VI, to dispense him from his vow of celibacy and validate his marriage. His petition was, naturally turned down. He was accused of treachery, of being a modern Pharaoh whose heart had been hardened, a latter-day Henry VIII destined surely for the hot place. And, sadly, an heir eluded him.