Dulin Zoo

by Catherine De Courcy


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Genre:Irish Natural History



To modern sensibilities zoos may seem unnatural places where animals lead miserable lives. But in better zoos animals wander in spaces resembling natural habitats. As Dublin Zoo makes the transition from bars and cages to state-of-the-art animal habitats it is appropriate to record its story so far, richly illustrated with images of animals and visitors. Beginning in 1831, stories of animals and visitors are interwoven to record magical moments as visitors experienced the smells, sounds, behaviours and magic of exotic animals. The mixed fortunes of the Zoo are traced as it survived the famine years, political trouble, economic hardship and public discomfort with wild animals kept in cages. Tales of elephants, chimpanzees, Pet s Corner, lions and flamingos are combined with memories of family outings, school trips, and social events in a celebratory history of the ah-Zoo in the Phoenix Park. A young Queen Victoria became patron in 1837 and visited in 1900; in 1903 an elephant crushed a man s head; Roger Casement donated numerous South American animals; Zoo parties and dances were fashionable in the 1950s and 60s; transformation into a modern zoo began with government support in 1987. Dublin Zoo s proud past is united with present and future direction as the extraordinary changes in recent years are described. Today, the Zoo s plays an important role in the international zoo community and in significant global conservation and education programs.

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