Deity Creation

by Paul Mee


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Genre:Fiction / Sci-Fi & Fantasy



“Deity Creation” retells the story of the birth of Christianity with a sci-fi twist in a light- hearted and humorous fashion. However, there is a more serious underlying theme that questions religion’s place in modern society. When an alien race, the Deusi, discover Earth, they decide to create a single religious deity, which will unify and control a divided world. The first attempt, the ‘Moses experiment’, was a partial success and 1,500 years later they decide to try again. A small team led by Professor Yiler, a renowned theologian, and Dr Nowlett, an eminent scientist, begin to shape the lives of an unsuspecting Jesus, his family and disciples through a series of staged events. These set pieces are designed to increase the popularity of the religion and encourage people to convert. However Yiler and Nowlett begin to suspect that the attempt to create a single deity is part of a much broader social and behavioral engineering experiment kept secret from them. When their work is curtailed due to political pressure, they have to decide if the sacrifices that they will have to make to achieve the objectives of the Deusi government are worth the cost.

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