Computers, People and Thought

by Malachy Eaton


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Genre:Non Fiction / Popular Science



In this book the author discusses synergies between computers and thought, related to the field of Artificial Intelligence; between people and thought, leading to questions of consciousness and our existence as humans; and between computers and people, leading to the recent remarkable advances in the field of humanoid robots. He then looks toward the implications of intelligent ‘conscious’ humanoid robots with superior intellects, able to operate in our human environments. After presenting the basic engineering components and supporting logic of computer systems, and giving an overview of the contributions of pioneering scientists in the domains of computing, logic, and robotics, in the core of the book the author examines the meaning of thought and intelligence in the context of specific tasks and successful AI approaches. In the final part of the book he introduces related societal and ethical implications.The book will be a useful accompanying text in courses on artificial intelligence, robotics, intelligent systems, games, and evolutionary computing. It will also be valuable for general readers and historians of technology.

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