Complete Care Skills

by Geraldine Power


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Genre:Fiction / Third Level Reading



Essential text for healthcare assistant students with up-to-date healthcare regulations and legislation, in addition to best practice guidelines and checklists.

Focuses on person-centred and holistic care to meet the client’s needs and promote independence.

Advocates that maintaining the dignity, respect and privacy of the client is a primary foundation for care-giving.

Specifies various types of care equipment used to assist the client or carer perform various Activities of Daily Living.

Emphasises the importance of hygiene for the dignity, health and wellbeing of the client as well as the prevention of spread of infectious disease.

Explains the significance of practising good communication skills when delivering care.

Details the importance of reporting changes in client’s condition and the careful and accurate documentation of all cares given.

Introduces the key aspects of end of life care.

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