A Statistical and Agricultural Survey of the County of Galway

by Hely Dutton


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Genre:Galway and the West of Ireland / Irish Interest



Prophetically, in the 1820s, Dutton responded to the question, ‘What would become of Ireland’s dense population without potatoes” by declaring he was more interested in what was to become of a pupulation so reliant on them? His survey resulted in a description of the agricultural conditions and practices of Galway in the early Nineteenth Century, interspersed with robustly argued suggestions for scientifically based improvements; pillorying those he considered obstructionist and indolent. Dutton also followed the annalists of Gaelic Ireland and complements his work with detailed chronologies of the leading officials of Galway town and its governance, as well as of the senior churchmen of the area. All this adds to the appeal of this book for anyone interested in the social and agricultural history of pre-famine Ireland, and particularly those with local and family connections with County Galway. This edtion uses a modern format, spellings and punctuation, with updated index and notes.

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