A History of Gardening In 50 Objects

by George Drower


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Genre:Natural History & Environment / Non Fiction



A treasure trove of gardening information in 50 often little known objects that have transformed the way we think about and work our gardens today. The earliest record of an enclosed space around a homestead comes from 10,000 BCE and since then gardens of varying types and ambition have been popular throughout the ages. Whether ornamental, wild cottage gardens, container gardens blooming over unforgiving concrete or one turned over for growing produce, gardens exist in all shapes and sizes, in all manner of ways. Today we benefit from centuries of development, be it in cultivation of desirable blossom or larger fruits, in the technology to keep weeds and lawn at bay or even from garden visionaries who tore up rulebooks and cultivated pure creativity in their green spaces. Here George Drower takes 50 objects that have helped create the gardening scene we know today, exploring the history of beautiful, fruitful outside spaces in a truly unique way. With stunning botanical and archive images, and colourful photographs, this lavish volume is one no garden lover should be without. AUTHOR: George Drower is a writer and historian, specialising in garden history and overseas territories. He is the author of the widely acclaimed Britain’s Dependent Territories and the Overseas Territories Handbook; a number of political biographies; and articles on garden history for publications including The Times, The Sunday Times, Traditional Homes and House & Garden. 75 colour illustrations

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